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We are a full service bookkeeping company providing you and your business with the most comprehensive bookkeeping and office administration support, naturally, tailored to your specific needs.

Sound familiar?

“I can’t find it … where did you put it … just leave my stuff alone …I [should] know where everything is!”

“It’s not my fault I’m six weeks behind in my invoicing … I’m so sick and tired of this paper work!”

“My business? What business? … it’s nothing but accounts, vat returns, payroll, paper … there’s no fun anymore!”

“If only I could get out of this office things would be different!”

The problem is that small businesses are so busy doing what they have to do

(Alison Coleman, “Make me good, but not yet”, Director Magazine)

Our Services

Why not spend your time doing what you have to do for you and we’ll spend our time doing what we have to do for you?
We offer specific management services listed below.

  • Book keeping
  • Payroll and employee administration systems
  • Office administration systems including filing and archiving

How You Benefit

  • We save you money
  • You’re always in the know
  • You’re always in control

Our business is helping you grow your business!

Office Administration

How many times have you put “it” exactly where you just knew it would be only to discover that you can’t find it? Hey, we know you know where you think put it … but your supplier doesn’t and he wants paying, and wants paying now!

Applying the “kiss” principle, we don’t complicate matters.

  • Simple Admin Systems
  • Simple Filing Systems
  • Simple Archiving Systems

So you always know where “it” is because you’re always in the know and in control!

1 employee? 100 employees? No problem as our payroll bureau and employee administration service provides full support in preparing and maintaining your weekly, fortnightly or monthly payroll. Printed payslips, reports, starters, leavers, year end … it’s just not a problem!

Our business is helping you grow your business!

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Book Keeping

People go into business because they are good at something but there’s one thing every entrepreneur seems to hate doing – that’s keeping the books up-to-date.

Keeping accurate business and financial records is not an option – it’s a legal requirement, and an accurate book keeping system could be your most valuable asset!

In order to make those important business decisions, you need financial information that makes sense, and using only the most updated and HMRC accredited software we will:

  • Provide monthly, quarter or annual trading accounts
  • Invoice your customers at time frames set by you
  • Prepare your vat returns
  • Advise your credit control
  • In consultation with your accountant ensure your year end procedure is smooth, stress free and on time
  • Supply any number of reports so that you’re always in the know … and in control!

While we are a full service book keeping company, the bookkeeping support we provide is, naturally, tailored to your specific needs.

Our business is helping you grow your business!

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